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Jets 2018 Roster Countdown: Number 81 Quincy Enunwa

NFL: Buffalo Bills at New York Jets Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

Our Jets roster countdown now moves to Quincy Enunwa

Name: Quincy Enunwa

Number: 81

Year with Jets: 5th

Projected Role: Starting wide receiver

His 2017: Enunwa’s 2017 was over before it started. Expected to be the team’s go to guy, Enunwa suffered a season-ending neck injury during a training camp practice at MetLife Stadium.

2018 will be a success if: Enunwa’s missed season is a minor diversion from his continued development. Careers do not always go neatly in a pure upward trajectory, but Enunwa’s first three seasons did. He spent most of his first year on the practice squad. His second year, he became an important blocker and a functional receiving threat. His third year, he developed into a quality supporting player in the passing game. Given his size, his blocking skills and his ability to work in the middle of the field Enunwa will probably take some of the responsibilities from a shaky looking tight end group and be one of the offense’s featured targets.

Odds of making the roster: Enunwa’s status in the long-term depends to some extent on how he performs this season. For this year, he is a pretty clear Lock (>99%).