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Contest: Design New Jets Uniforms

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New York Jets v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

This week on SB Nation all of the team sites have been asked to discuss their team’s uniforms.

This is a very hot topic of discussion in the Jets fanbase. There is a vocal group of fans, particularly on Twitter who want to see the team make changes to its look. Current players like Darron Lee and Jamal Adams have offered their support.

I am not that excited about the idea for three reasons.

  • While not exactly the same, the current Jets uniforms resemble what the team wore during its greatest era.
  • It seems like most fans who want a chance hope the team returns to the kelly green style uniforms resembling the ones the Jets wore in the 1980s and 1990s. Maybe my perspective would be different had I grown up a decade earlier, but I associate those uniforms with the futility of the Coslet, Carroll, and Kotite teams of my childhood.
  • The only uniform changes that look good to me tend to be when a team goes back to a retro look. The Jets are already wearing retro uniforms. When a team tries to be modern with a uniform change it looks really ugly (see: Dolphins, Miami; Browns, Cleveland; Buccaneers, Tampa Bay, etc.)

I’ve said many times that when the Jets eventually change uniforms, and they are ugly that I am going to blame all of you who kept calling for a change.

But today I’d like to give you a chance to show me the error of my ways. For those of you who are artistically and technologically inclined, we are going to begin a contest. Design your ideal new Jets uniforms using Photoshop or any other design software, and send us a picture.

We will give you three options to send us your pictures.

Please send them by Tuesday July 24 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern. We will then post the best here and let you vote on your favorite Jets uniform design.

The grand prize will be....well there’s no grand prize other than the glory of winning this contest. And who knows? Maybe the Jets will pay attention to you.