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2017 Jets Offensive Line Touchdown Assists - Spencer Long

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Wild Card Round - Green Bay Packers v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Welcome back to yet another edition of the Jets Offensive Line Touchdown Assists series, as I go back through 2017 Jets touchdowns and hand out credit to the blockers who contributed to each score. After going through the first 16 Jets touchdowns of 2017 in parts one and two, today we flip the mood a bit. In this edition, I am going to focus solely on New Jersey newcomer Spencer Long, and take a look at his touchdown assists compiled through seven games with the Washington Redskins last year.

1- EAGLES @ REDSKINS: 2ND & 6 AT PHI 29(01:26)

(1:26) (Shotgun) K.Cousins pass short middle to C.Thompson for 29 yards, TOUCHDOWN [F.Cox].

Long’s protection turns out to be crucial on this touchdown. Against a four-man rush, the Redskins are smoked at left tackle, right guard, and right tackle as three defenders bear down on Kirk Cousins. Cousins and his left guard both execute a nice double team on defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan. Long does most of the work, and does a good job getting physical with Jernigan to keep his hands from getting in the passing lane as the ball sails over. Chris Thompson eventually puts this ball in the end zone.

2- REDSKINS @ RAMS: 2ND & 6 AT WAS 39(01:56)

(1:56) (Shotgun) C.Thompson up the middle for 61 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

A draw play out of shotgun perfectly executed by Washington, and specifically Long. Long allows the 1-technique defensive tackle over his left shoulder, Michael Brockers (#90) to attack the A-gap in pursuit of Cousins, and effectively seals him out of the play to allow Thompson to score running straight up the middle.

3- REDSKINS @ RAMS: 3RD & 4 AT LA 11(01:55)

(1:55) (Shotgun) K.Cousins pass short left to R.Grant for 11 yards, TOUCHDOWN. The Replay Official reviewed the score ruling, and the play was Upheld. The ruling on the field stands.

The Rams only rush three after dropping one of their defensive linemen. Without a man, Long recognizes his right guard is about to be beaten one-on-one to the inside by the great Aaron Donald (#99), and provides timely help to allow Cousins to roll out left and throw for the score.

4- RAIDERS @ REDSKINS: 3RD & 6 AT OAK 22(09:51)

(9:51) (Shotgun) K.Cousins pass short left to C.Thompson for 22 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

The 3-technique defensive tackle over the left guard’s outside shoulder crosses over and attacks Long’s outside shoulder. Long’s protection is plenty solid here to keep Cousins unaffected for the eventual touchdown throw. I do think Long could have prevented the defender from getting his hand up, but either way, Long does a plenty solid job in a key role on this play. He immediately knew where his responsibility was going to be coming from.

5- REDSKINS @ CHIEFS: 1ST & 10 AT KC 44(12:00)

(12:00) K.Cousins pass deep right to T.Pryor for 44 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

Two future Jets make plays for the Redskins to create a touchdown! The Chiefs rush five, but Long is without a man initially. He doesn’t panic and maintains his position, and that patience pays off as eventually he is in the perfect spot to provide needed protection right in front of Kirk Cousins as he tosses a deep bomb to fellow future Jet Terrelle Pryor.

6- REDSKINS @ CHIEFS: 2ND & 3 AT KC 3(07:47)

(7:47) K.Cousins pass short middle to R.Grant for 3 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

Long manhandles the nose tackle to contribute to a pristine pocket for Cousins an an unimpeded throwing lane over the line of scrimmage. Quick, tough hands and impressive strength.

7- 49ERS @ REDSKINS: 2ND & 5 AT SF 11(10:21)

(10:21) (Shotgun) K.Cousins pass short middle to J.Doctson for 11 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

The 1-technique DT really overextended in his rush against Long.

So, Spencer plays a little street ball and pulls the chair out, so to speak. He takes full advantage and puts the tackle on the floor, leaving a wide open throwing lane and clean pocket for Cousins.

8- 49ERS @ REDSKINS: 3RD & 1 AT SF 3(09:54)

(9:54) (Shotgun) K.Cousins pass short left to S.Perine for 3 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

I was debating whether or not to give this assist to Long, but ultimately I gave it to him. Firstly, I thought it was worthy due to the fact that this was a relatively long pass attempt (over three seconds from when Cousins touched the ball). I also deemed the play assist-worthy because it seemed like Long’s right guard was about to allow his matchup room to peel right into Cousins if Long had not been there to help. Nice awareness and physicality here. Long almost always figures out the best way to contribute when he doesn’t have an initial matchup.

9- 49ERS @ REDSKINS: 1ST & 7 AT SF 7(03:34)

(3:34) (Shotgun) K.Cousins right end for 7 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

Tremendous block here by Long. Cousins decides to keep it on the option and walks into the endzone in the opposite direction of Long’s block, but Long was so strong on this play that he was having a positive impact regardless of Cousins’ decision. Great aggression and balance off the snap to drive the defensive tackle Earl Mitchell (#90) straight off the ball and out of the play, eliminating any chance he had of nearing the football. Admittedly, not a good rep from Mitchell, but hey, you just have to beat the man in front of you.

That does it for my tally of touchdown assists by Spencer Long! Here’s how his final numbers stack up against the Jets linemen through a similar sample size halfway through the year.


Kelvin Beachum - 10

Spencer Long - 9

Brian Winters - 9

Wesley Johnson - 9

James Carpenter - 5

Brandon Shell - 5

Brent Qvale - 5


Kelvin Beachum - 8

Spencer Long - 7

Wesley Johnson - 7

Brian Winters - 6

James Carpenter - 5


Brian Winters - 64.3% (9/14)

Kelvin Beachum - 62.5% (10/16)

Spencer Long - 60.0% (9/15)

Wesley Johnson - 56.3% (9/16)

Brent Qvale - 55.5% (5/9)

Remember that these numbers tell far from the whole story as they only make up a small fraction of the overall game - but they still are a fun way to evaluate! What are your thoughts on the series thus far?


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