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Thank You David

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Dallas Cowboys v New York Jets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

On David Vill’s final day on the staff, we express our gratitude.

John B

Back in the fall of 2009 I had been searching for months to find somebody who could compile a daily post of Jets links from across the internet. I saw one guy who was sharing a bunch of links in our FanShot section so I figured I’d give him a shot.

If you had told me nine years later we’d be here, I’m not sure I would have believed you. David had an incredible ability to find interesting stories, sometimes from the most obscure quarters of the internet. And he barely ever missed a day.

More than that, over these last nine years I have gotten to know what a special person David is. He’s kind, generous, and funny, among other things.

I always knew there would be a day where David would no longer write for GGN. I put it off as long as I could. Although I’m sad he won’t be a writer anymore, he’ll always be a part of our team. And most importantly, he’ll still be my friend.

David Wyatt

I can’t remember a time without David Vill, and it’s hard to imagine GGN without him. I can’t imagine how time consuming the flight connections are, but they have been a staple of this site for years now and that’s all down to the tireless work of David. However his contribution to GGN and the community we’ve built goes far beyond the Flight Connections. He was a key cog in building our social media presence and was always available for a chat about content ideas as well.

Outside of all the work he’s done here, he’s just a bloody good chap! Always positive, always friendly, patient and understanding, He’ll be missed for a million reasons, but his cracking personality is the main one. He managed to infuse his humour into his posts and that individuality is something you can’t replace. Thank you for all your hard work David, it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with you for a good part of a decade it seems.


I want to express my deepest appreciation for David Vill, Gang Green Nation’s unsung hero. I have been with GGN since September 2011; I literally cannot remember a GGN without David. I’m sure many here are in the same boat. David’s daily Flight Connections has formed one of the pillars of this community. Day after day, month after month, year after year David has kept all of us informed with the latest in Jets news from every source imaginable. His job here is largely a thankless one, but it is vitally important to this community, and David’s work has been there, nearly every single day, like clockwork.

I am sure everyone at GGN joins us in deepest appreciation of David for his tireless work here. Flight Connections has been not only an invaluable resource for all things Jets, but it also has invariably exhibited a subtle wit and sly sense of humor that brings a smile to my face every time I read it. In addition, David is one of the few here who can probably say he has never come in conflict with anyone in the community. His easy going and preternaturally likable personality always made sure everyone felt welcome at GGN. It is a quality of David’s I deeply admire and one vital to fostering the kind of wonderful community GGN has built. David, a heartfelt thank you and job well done, as well as my fondest wishes for a wonderful and fulfilling future. You will be sorely missed.

Scott Salmon

David Vill is a bigger Jets fan than John Butchko.

There, I said it.

Now, that can easily be interpreted as an insult against David... after all, who would want to suckered into believing in this team year in and year out?

In any case, Vill is the biggest Jets fan I know. That doesn’t mean he’s a rose-tinted, kool-aide drinking fanatic, but it does mean that his commitment to this team, and this blog, is unparalleled. There’s nobody more invaluable to this site, both in terms of puns and reliability, and I’m going to miss seeing what music he’s come up for us to listen to in his Flight Connections.

Vill, I’ll see you in the Ring of Honor. Granted, I didn’t make it first ballot, but I know you will.

Michael Nania

Coming across Gang Green Nation has been one of the great discoveries I’ve made. And a key reason that discovery was made was the inviting community vibe exulted by the daily Flight Connections, uniting a world of Jets news and fans in one place. I’m sure it took a lot of commitment for the man behind the FC to make it happen every day, but he did it, and we all benefited.

JG88 (aka WilkersonToHawaii)

The first article I ever read on GGN was one of David Vill’s Flight Connections. I remember the poll giving options along the lines of “Yes”, “No”, and “A nice young man told me I could find information on my flight here.” It made me belly laugh and got me hooked on the site from then on. I never would have had the amazing opportunity to contribute to such an great, well-informed Jets community if it weren’t for his excellent writing and unique humor. I enjoyed reading his daily contributions for years and hope that everyone appreciates all of the time and dedication he’s put into this site. Thank you for helping me find my favourite source for my favourite team (so grateful that I included those ridiculous extra letters.) Your Connections will be missed.