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Jets OTA news and live updates 6/5

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NFL: New York Jets-OTA Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

This is the final week of OTAs for the Jets, and the media has access to today’s practice. After OTAs conclude this week, the final part of the offseason program takes place next week, a minicamp. That minicamp will be mandatory, but this week’s OTAs are not.

I will offer the same generic disclaimers I have provided through the offseason. Do not read too much into what happens today. These are only practices, and it does not offer much insight into the future of the team. Since the majority of the offseason practices are closed, we do not even have a great idea how players have been performing through the spring.

Today is also Sam Darnold’s birthday so perhaps we will find out the team is doing something fun for him.

The GGN Twitter widget is embedded below to provide live updates from today’s OTA session. It will refresh automatically as developments break.