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2017 Jets Pass Coverage Stats: Week 12

Can the Jets take advantage of a shaky day from Cam?

Carolina Panthers v New York Jets Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Welcome back to the 2017 Jets Cover Stats series! After a day off, we return to the series with a look at the Jets’ individual yards allowed and coverage numbers in Week 12. The Jets hosted Cam Newton and the Panthers, Trumaine Johnson took on Drew BreesSaints, and Avery Williamson got a rematch with division rival Jack Doyle. Let’s dig in!

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  • The coverage numbers include only legitimate targets into the general area of a receiver/defender. Throwaways and deflections at the line are excluded.
  • The stats for each individual are that of the quarterback’s passing numbers when targeting the individual’s matchup. A player could have an interception to his coverage credit even if the interception itself was made by a teammate. For example, when Tyrod Taylor threw an interception targeting a receiver defended by Jamal Adams, Juston Burris ended up with the interception, but I would add that incompletion and interception to Adams’s resume.
  • I did not apply the same rule to fumbles; I will only count those if forced by the covering defender.
  • Penalties counted are only those accumulated in coverage.

Remember that these numbers reflect raw production only, and not always are indicative of true performance level! It’s plausible that a defender can get completely smoked and end up being credited with an interception, or vice versa, bringing very tough coverage but allowing big yardage due to an incredible catch. Make of these numbers what you like!


The Jets lost their second straight game with a 35-27 home loss to the Panthers, blowing yet another fourth quarter lead. Cam Newton had a terrible day, completing 11 of 28 passes for 168 yards, no touchdowns, no interceptions, and a 59.8 rating. A few Jets had strong days in coverage, which I will get to later, but this was for the most part an unforced awfully inaccurate performance from Newton. He was throwing miss after miss from clean pockets.

Since 2010, teams are 25-3 when playing at home and holding the opposing QB to 11 completions or less, no touchdowns, and a sub-60 passer rating, making the Jets only the third team to lose in this fashion over the past eight seasons.

Trumaine Johnson’s Rams beat the Saints 26-20 in Los Angeles.

Avery Williamson and the Titans did what they do best and won yet another close game, beating the Colts 20-16 in Indianapolis.


Overall coverage yield: The first chart shows the total coverage numbers allowed by the Jets in Week 12.

Cam’s inaccuracies and the Panthers receivers’ wooden hands helped spread green galore across the stat sheet. Trumaine Johnson had one of his lesser games in a while, giving up a season-high 7 completions.

Coverage by matchup and field side: The chart below shows the Week 12 coverage yield for each Jet broken down by opponent matchup and the side of the field they lined up on. Check out my glossary at the bottom of the image!

I charged the Panthers with 4 egregious offensive miscues in this game that should have been easy first downs; 3 of those were when targeting Demario Davis. That is easily the most miscues I’ve charged a team with against the Jets; and if I wasn’t feeling so nice, I could’ve knocked the Panthers with even more. Of those four, 3 were very inaccurate Cam Newton throws, and one was a blatant Devin Funchess drop.

The two Jets who did legitimately play well were Morris Claiborne and Buster Skrine. In his first full game back from injury, Claiborne was pure lockdown, giving up 6 yards on 3 targets and shutting down two 2-point attempts. Skrine was much more fortunate than Claiborne in terms of the throws he was facing, but still had a highly productive day.


I want to start by showing you just the type of quarterback and receiver play the Jets were facing in this game. In the first clip, Cam Newton finally drops in a well-placed throw downfield. It falls right into Devin Funchess’ lap as Darryl Roberts trips, but Funchess simply drops it.

Below, Christian McCaffrey gets a few steps on Demario Davis with a simple short out route. Cam airmails it from a clean pocket.

Those are just two examples of what the Jets were facing in this game. Still, there were some impressive plays made.

Below, Marcus Maye has a crisp cover snap. He drops from the outside linebacker spot and shuts down the outside route going over the middle, then quickly pivots and makes the play underneath.

Morris Claiborne single-handedly saved the Jets four points with a pair of tremendous stops on two point conversion attempts. First, Claiborne is not fooled by the pick play at all, staying home and letting Ed Dickson fall right into his arms. Claiborne finishes by bringing down the 255-pound tight end in place just inches short of the goal line.

Later, Claiborne lines up against Devin Funchess in the slot, sticking to the route and taking advantage of an underthrown pass to make a play on it.

Trumaine Johnson has had better games, to say the least. On the first Saints pass of the game, Michael Thomas has Johnson picking grass as he beats him cleanly for 24 yards. A nice move, but Johnson’s response just makes it look filthy. Ouch.


Here is how the Jets are stacking up after twelve weeks of work in 2017, sorted from top to bottom by total yards allowed.

What are your thoughts on how the Jets performed in coverage in Week 12?