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NY Jets podcast: How the Jets covered in 2017

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NFL: New York Jets at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In case you haven’t been following, Michael Nania has been doing a great series of articles taking a look at how well the Jets played in coverage last year. His series is providing stats for each player. He also is looking at players who were not on the 2017 team but will be on the 2018 team like Trumaine Johnson.

Michael stops by our podcast today to discuss what he has seen so far. His series to this point is somewhere between one half and two thirds complete;. We will talk about Johnson, Morris Claiborne, Buster Skine, Darryl Roberts, Jamal Adams, Marcus Maye, and Darron Lee. Who was good? Who was bad? What are some of the biggest surprises so far? Where does our perception match reality?

Once Michael’s series is done we will come back to him to discuss how perceptions might have changed due to the last few weeks of the season.