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Jets mailbag: When will Sam Darnold take over the starting quarterback job?

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The podcast returns today with a mailbag edition. Thanks to everybody who submitted questions for the show. I was not able to answer all of them, but I answered as many as I could.

I appreciate all submissions (except for the questions about free pizza), and encourage you to send your question next time if I didn’t get to this week.

Today we look at how the Jets will be able to land an edge rusher, why players get called disloyal for seeking big paydays when they will get cut the second they stop producing, how concerned fans should be about the thought of the Jets putting one of their quarterbacks behind backup offensive linemen in preseason games, when Sam Darnold will take over as starting quarterback, what it will take for the 2018 season to be a success, who might pay with their job if the Jets win 5 or less games this year, whether Shaun Ellis or Muhammad Wilkerson was a better Jet, and whether the 1998 or 2010 Jets team was better.