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Jets 2018 Roster Countdown: Number 89 Chris Herndon

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NFL: New York Jets-Minicamp Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Our Jets roster countdown now takes a look at fourth round pick Chris Herndon.

Name: Chris Herndon

Number: 89

Year with Jets: 1st

Projected Role: Backup/developmental tight end

His 2017: With teammate David Njoku in the NFL, Herndon took on a bigger role in Miami’s offense, posting career highs with 40 catches, 477 yards, and 4 touchdowns for the ACC runners up. His season ended with an injury as he tore his MCL in a November game at Pittsburgh. The Jets picked Herndon in the fourth round of the 2018 Draft.

2018 will be a success if: Herndon develops his game and prepares himself to contribute in 2019. There aren’t many positions where a transition to the NFL is easy, but all of the responsibilities at tight end leave players with a particularly steep learning curve. Even a lot of great players offer minimal contributions as rookies. On top of that, few fourth round picks step in on day one and make much of an impact. Even on a team without much at tight end, I would be surprised if Herndon ends up starting. In the event that happens, I would be even more surprised if he ends up being anything above a nonfactor for year one. The prognosis could be brighter in the longer run, but this is a year of development.

Odds of making the roster: I am sure the Jets are less than thrilled about Herndon’s DWI arrest since the Draft, but they aren’t cutting their fourth round pick. He is a Lock (>99%).