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Jets 2018 Roster Countdown: Number 91 Courtney Upshaw

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NFL: Super Bowl LI-New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Our Jets roster countdown now takes a look at the team’s newest member, Courtney Upshaw.

Name: Courtney Upshaw

Number: 91

Year with Jets: 1st

Projected Role: Rotational edge guy

His 2017: Upshaw played 197 snaps over 13 games for the Falcons, registering 5 tackles and a single sack. The former Ravens second round pick saw time at defensive end and defensive tackle as a part-time player on Atlanta’s defense.

2018 will be a success if: Upshaw can give the Jets quality snaps. My hunch is the Jets will look to utilize Upshaw more on the edge than they will inside. The team has good depth on the interior and little talent on the edge. During his best days, he was an excellent edge setter and helped slow down the opponent’s run game.

Odds of making the roster: This one is tricky. There are reasons Upshaw was a part-time player for the Falcons and lasted on the market until June. With that said, the Jets have so little talent on the edge that Upshaw still might be an upgrade. Even if he doesn’t take a starting role, he would be a logical backup for Jordan Jenkins. For now, we will call it More Likely Than Not (50-75%).