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Jets minicamp comes to a close

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NFL: New York Jets-Minicamp Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets concluded their veteran minicamp today. That also brings the conclusion of the offseason program.

Todd Bowles seemed pleased with what he saw.

On how he would sum up mini-camp...

We got a lot of things accomplished mentally. Again, the chemistry is growing. I can’t wait to get to training camp. We finished the last two days on good notes and the guys are upbeat as they should be. They just have to come back healthy and ready to go.

We now play the waiting game for the next six weeks or so until training camp starts. There won’t be much news in that time. The period after the Draft is the slowest of the year for the NFL, but now we won’t even have news from practices.

The biggest development over the next few weeks will probably be getting Sam Darnold signed.

We still will show up here every day to talk about the Jets. I hope you will join us.