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Jets mailbag: What to make of increased responsibilities for Darron Lee?

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Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

It is Thursday, which makes it a podcast mailbag day in the middle of Jets minicamp. Thanks to those of you who submitted questions for this week’s mailbag show. They were great. We could not have put the show together without you.

Today we look at the potential depth of the Jets’ cornerback group with positive reports coming out of minicamp about the performances of some late round picks, whether it is a good idea for the Jets to give Darron Lee responsibilities as the quarterback of the defense as Todd Bowles has suggested the team will, whether the Jets should be in the market to add a wide receiver and/or tight end as we approach training camp to help out Sam Darnold, and whether a new football league could eventually partner with the NFL to be an official developmental league.

Thanks as always for listening. It is always greatly appreciated.