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Disconnection Notice

About nine years ago, I was approached by John B. and asked if I wanted to join the Gang Green Nation staff and post the daily links. I had thought of a pretty cool name for what I would call it, so I decided to agree and put up “Flight Connections” every day. It turned out that sharing news and articles alleviated my New York Jets fix and was good for my sanity.

Also, my understanding was that there would be pizza. I had been asking John all this time and he would always say, “It’s on the way.” I patiently waited because like I always say, patience comes to those who wait. Then it finally dawned on me, John doesn’t even know where I live. How could the pizza be on its way, John? And so I am finally turning in my resignation notice.

I am kidding, of course, about the pizza promise. On a serious note, I am going to be moving on from GGN in a few weeks or so. I will still be around and part of the community, though. I might post an article now and then, or add a comment, or just be lurking, reading, smiling, laughing, rolling my eyes and/or shaking my head.

I became very involved with the site in 2009 as I had plenty of downtime with my company struggling through the recession. Conversely, the reason I cannot commit to the site much now is that I have become quite busy at work these days. With trying to focus on my job and balancing family time, it can be tough sometimes to be consistent.

It has been an honor being part of your day all these years. It has been a pleasure cracking my corny jokes every once in a while, and to my surprise, finding that some of you actually enjoy it. Without getting too sappy, I would like you all to know that I have enjoyed interacting with you, getting to know you, talking Jets and non-Jets stuff with you.

I’m not sure what else to say except to thank John B. for his trust and support. Gang Green Nation was the last of the NFL team sites to join SB Nation, and with his hard work and leadership, it has grown into the best New York Jets online community in the world. I’m sure John and I will share that pizza someday, not as boss and employee, but as friends. (Awwww!)