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2017 Jets Coverage Stats - Week 6

New England Patriots v New York Jets Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

We have an especially interesting one this week! In Week 6, the Jets hosted the divisional rival New England Patriots and feared beast Rob Gronkowski. The Jets’ previous two first round picks, Jamal Adams and Darron Lee, were drafted with players like Gronk specifically in mind. Those two first rounders combined for 9 targets against Gronk in this game. How did they fare?

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  • The coverage numbers include only legitimate targets into the general area of a receiver. Throwaways and deflections at the line are excluded.
  • The stats for each individual are that of the quarterback’s passing numbers when targeting the individual’s matchup. A player could have an interception to his coverage credit even if the interception itself was made by a teammate. For example, when Tyrod Taylor threw an interception targeting Darron Lee’s matchup, Juston Burris ended up with the interception, but I would add that incompletion and interception to Lee’s resume.
  • I did not apply the same rule to fumbles; I will only count those if forced by the covering defender.
  • Penalties counted are only those accumulated in coverage.

Remember that these numbers reflect raw production only, and not always are indicative of true performance level! It’s plausible that a defender can get completely smoked and end up being credited with an interception, or vice versa, bringing very tough coverage but allowing big yardage due to an incredible catch. Make of these numbers what you like!


After a 3-2 start, the Jets’ season began its downfall with a 24-17 loss to the Patriots at MetLife Stadium, the first game of a 2-9 stretch to end the year. The Jets led 14-0 and threatened to take even further control, but plays like a Buster Skrine dropped interception, a questionable Adams pass interference call, and a ridiculous overturned Austin Seferian-Jenkins touchdown all led to the Jets falling. Tom Brady completed 20 of 38 passes for 257 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 1 interception, culminating in an 80.7 rating that was his third lowest of the season.

Trumaine Johnson’s Rams beat the Jaguars 27-17 in Jacksonville.

Avery Williamson’s Titans beat the Colts 36-22 in Nashville.


Overall coverage yield: The first chart shows the total coverage numbers allowed by each individual Jet in Week 6.

Buster Skrine had a phenomenal game, getting on 3 pass breakups including the one interception and another should-be dropped interception. Morris Claiborne gave up a season high 93 yards on only 7 targets, as Brandin Cooks had his way with him throughout the game.

Trumaine Johnson continued a relatively poor stretch, giving up 80+ yards for the third time in four weeks. All five his receptions allowed were first downs.

Coverage by matchup and field side: The chart below shows the Week 6 coverage yield for each Jet broken down by opponent matchup and the side of the field they lined up on. Check out my glossary at the bottom of the image!

Jamal Adams and Darron Lee saw the most time against Gronkowski. Gronk dominated the matchup overall, collecting 2 touchdowns, 2 additional first downs, 78 receiving yards, and 24 penalty yards matched up against the young pair. We’ll get into it more below, but both players made their share of impressive plays against him, though.

Trumaine Johnson did not have a great game against Marqise Lee. With this game, all 15 of the receptions he’d allowed to #1 receivers over Weeks 3-6 were first downs.


Before we get into the edge-of-your-seat Gronk action you all came for, let’s check in on Avery Williamson in Tennessee. He once again was out of the action against the pass, seeing only one target, but it was a notable one. Jack Doyle finessed him pretty good for a should-be first down, but Williamson recovered to force a fumble recovered by the Titans defense. Nice hustle play, very similar to one made by Trumaine Johnson in Week 1.

Now, the must-see Gronkowski clips! Firstly, this play is indicative of what Gronk is capable of. Darron Lee cannot cover this play much better, but Gronk just towers over him and makes an insane snag. Good coverage.

I’ll just call this next one the way I see it. It is a joke of a call. This is really tough coverage from Adams that I will take every snap. Gronkowski initiated the contact. Pass interference is called on Adams, though, a 24-yarder.

Lee plays Gronk very well once again, and this time wins the battle. Awesome coverage down the field for a linebacker; this is what Lee was drafted 20th overall to do. Of his four targets against Gronk, three were played very well. This play also further emphasizes that the one above should not have been a flag on Adams.

After playing Gronk tight in the end zone the previous snap (though it was a catchable pass that Gronk might have blown), Gronk doesn’t miss a second chance and takes full advantage of Adams from the slot. It’s a simple out route that Adams should’ve been all over since Gronkowski just ran the same exact route the previous play and there was no help outside.

On the next play, Jamal Adams’ second touchdown allowed to Gronk on the day and team-high third of the year (all to tight ends), it looks he just trips over Gronk’s foot. He was all over this play and had a good chance to make a play on the ball. Unfortunate break.

Morris Claiborne had a rough game against Brandin Cooks. Here, he gets beat over the top for 42 yards even though he was playing off at the snap. This set up the Gronk touchdown above, going right into the half.

Marqise Lee had his way with Johnson in this game, gaining 87 yards and 5 first downs on 5 catches against him, with only two incompletions. PFF graded Lee as the best Jaguar in the game; the Jets are not paying Johnson top dollar to allow solid-but-not-great receivers to be the opponent’s best player.

Johnson is a generally solid tackler, but I am seeing way too many 15-20 yard first downs on underneath throws, like the one below, for my liking. Perhaps it is a product of the Rams playing him in a lot of off-man situations, but the volume of first downs he is allowing is not encouraging.


Here is how the Jets are stacking up after six weeks of work in 2017.

What are your thoughts on what transpired for the Jets in coverage during Week 6?


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