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NY Jets podcast: Does the team look to Draft plug and play or developmental players?

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I got an interesting e-mail from a podcast listener yesterday named Richard. Richard is a diehard Jets fan from the United Kingdom. He made the observation that the Draft this year for the Jets was largely a developmental one after the selection of Sam Darnold opposed to plug and play.

Richard’s e-mail got me thinking a bit about whether Mike Maccagnan has shown any discernible pattern during his time as Jets general manager. Does Maccagnan take more of a developmental approach to his picks? Does he favor plug and play? Does he prefer a mix of the two?

On today’s show we take a look. I think it is only worth looking at the first three rounds since most everybody picked on the third day of the Draft is a developmental player. How many of Maccagnan’s picks have been developmental players? How many have been plug and play? I offer a subjective grade for all eleven.