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Jets Film Mashup: 2017 QB Protection Report Finale

New York Jets v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Finally. It’s here. The conclusion of the epic Jets Protection Report series! You’ve enjoyed seven grand articles chronicling every single Jets sack of the 2017 season, because you obviously were secretly yearning to relive every one of those! Today, we wrap things up with Weeks 16 and 17, as each Jets sack allowed in 2017 officially becomes available with fair blame assigned.

Remember, this is not meant to bring a dark cloud over an enthusiastic time of Jets history! I hope that this review helps better shape your perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of the Jets offensive line. To balance out the negativity, I have been and will continue to provide good plays as well.

This is not an exact science, but just one observer’s opinion. As always, feel free to have a differing opinion on who the culprits are, and do let me know your perspective!

Previous breakdowns: Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

SACKS: Weeks 16 (L vs. LAC) & 17 (L @ NE)

2ND & 11 AT LAC 41 (Q1 - LAC 0, NYJ 0)

(13:03) B.Petty sacked at 50 for -9 yards (K.Toomer)

The Chargers are going to pick up this sack with the blitzing will (weakside) linebacker, highlighted in blue.

4 of the 5 Jets linemen pick up a man and hold up. Matt Forte is in pass protection. He didn’t read this play right, I think this play is mostly on him.

Bryce Petty gets some blame for panicking when he sees this. When you see him pump, he’s looking for ASJ on a short curl. He was open for a short window, but Petty hesitated to pull the trigger or escape and buy more time. Here’s what Petty is looking at on his first pump.

I think Petty looked really flustered here and did not show good pocket presence. Forte allowed the pressure, but Petty didn’t need to get sacked here.

Culprits: Petty (1-0) (Season total of: Sacks primarily responsible for - sacks partially responsible for), Forte (4-1)

Source: LB blitz (2)

2ND & 10 AT LAC 45 (Q2 - LAC 7, NYJ 0)

(:12) (Shotgun) B.Petty sacked at LAC 49 for -4 yards (I.Rochell).

With time winding down in the half, the Jets have four wide and send Bilal Powell out of the backfield. When Petty completes his drop, there isn’t an option for a quick throw.

The pressure gets to him before anybody breaks open, but this was still a quick pressure, so only partial blame to the coverage.

Here is the sack:

The Chargers tackle opposite James Carpenter and the linebacker opposite right guard Dakota Dozier run a stunt. Carpenter is ready for it and launches #93, Darius Philon, into center Jonotthan Harrison, who doesn’t appear as ready. Philon rides the momentum and blasts Harrison into into Petty’s lap, forcing him to panic and step up. Kelvin Beachum allows #98, Isaac Rochell, to beat him with an inside move and pick up the sack. Joint blame for Beachum and Harrison.

Culprits: Beachum (6-2), Harrison (1-0)

Accomplices: Coverage (5-4)

Source: Stunt (4.5)/1v1 edge loss (14.5) - Thought both were viable sources.

2ND & 9 AT NYJ 47 (Q4 - LAC 14, NYJ 7)

(11:11) B.Petty sacked at NYJ 39 for -8 yards (sack split by J.Addae and K.Emanuel).

Petty stares down the receiver wide right (can’t figure out who it is) for a good 2 full seconds. He doesn’t get open on the go route, and take a look at how close the pressure is to Petty by the time he makes another decision.

Two rushers get to Petty by the time he decides to move on to another read.

Lawrence Thomas allows the sack as he gets completely finessed the safety, Jahleel Addae. Matt Forte’s man was awarded the piece of the sack as well, but it was mostly because Petty was forced to step up into Forte’s man. Primary blame on Thomas and Petty, Forte an accomplice.

Culprits: Petty (2-0), Thomas (1-0)

Accomplice: Forte (4-2), Coverage (5-5)

Source: 1v1 edge loss (15.5)

3RD & 11 AT NYJ 27 (Q2 - NE 14, NYJ 3)

(2:50) (Shotgun) B.Petty sacked at NYJ 19 for -8 yards (M.Flowers).

The Patriots only rush four, and three get home to Petty. The blue highlighted rusher below will pick up the sack. Eric Tomlinson chips him before running a route, and someone inside should pick him up.

Instead, he is unblocked and picks up the sack.

James Carpenter looks like the man who should’ve picked up the eventual sacker. Wesley Johnson and Dakota Dozier also took big L’s here.

Culprit: Carpenter (6-0)

Accomplice: Johnson (3-2), Dozier (0-2)

Source: LB blitz (best match I had for this one) (3)

3RD & 7 AT NYJ 7 (Q4 - NE 24, NYJ 6)

(6:11) (Shotgun) B.Petty sacked in End Zone for -7 yards, SAFETY (E.Lee).

Bryce Petty is forced to react quickly as Wesley Johnson allows pressure up the middle (and potentially gets away with a hold). Ben Ijalana doesn’t get his hands into his man, who peels off to get Petty in the end zone for the safety.

You can see Petty consider making one throw before escaping. The Jets ran a pick play to the left, and Jermaine Kearse had some room. It would’ve been a tough throw, but Petty could’ve thrown this ball outside towards the sideline where at worst it would’ve been an incompletion.

It’s clear this was where the ball was supposed to go on this play. I think Petty should’ve thrown that pass, and his indecisiveness and poor escape are the main reasons this was a safety. Johnson and Ijalana will be tagged accomplices, though.

Culprit: Petty (3-0)

Accomplices: Johnson (3-3), Ijalana (0-1)

Source: QB escaped into sack (8)

1ST & 10 AT NE 39 (Q4 - NE 26, NYJ 6)

(1:22) (Shotgun) B.Petty sacked at NE 48 for -9 yards (J.Harrison). FUMBLES (J.Harrison) [J.Harrison], recovered by NYJ-J.Carpenter at NE 48. J.Carpenter to NE 48 for no gain (G.Grissom).

I counted somewhere around 2.5 seconds to the time where Petty decided to escape, and about 3.8 to the time he fumbled. So, coverage probably has to be considered heavily. Here is the sack:

Let’s take a look at Petty’s options when he escapes due to the pressure allowed by Harrison (who also snapped the ball high).

Nothing viable available. Even a couple seconds later, there is nothing. The Patriots coverage was perfectly suited for this play.

Coverage is the primary reason for this sack, but partial blame to Beachum and Harrison for their sack and pressure allowed, respectively.

Culprit: Coverage (6-5)

Accomplices: Beachum (6-3), Harrison (1-1)

Source: 1v1 edge loss (16.5)

2ND & 19 AT NE 48 (Q4 - NE 26, NYJ 6)

(:37) (Shotgun) B.Petty sacked at NE 49 for -1 yards (J.Harrison).

James Harrison closes out his career with sacks on his last two regular season snaps.

I think Beachum and Carpenter should share blame. Beachum had decent pass protection initially, but Harrison outmuscles him and disengages with great awareness as he recognizes Petty is about to escape. Carpenter was there to help but whiffed on his attempt to seal Harrison out of the play. The Jets’ Harrison also nearly gave up a hit of his own.

Culprits: Beachum (7-3), Carpenter (7-0)

Accomplice: Harrison (2-1)

Source: QB escaped into sack (9)


The Jets had a day rushing on the Chargers, picking up 197 yards on 30 carries (6.6 YPC). 98 of those yards came on two carries. Three projected 2018 starters, Beachum, Carpenter, and Brandon Shell, all make key blocks to help spring this 41 yard Bilal Powell run. Side note: it is so fun to watch this man shift on a dime and find holes. He consistently carves out his own yardage that the game isn’t giving him.

Great team effort on this 57 yard Powell touchdown. James Carpenter holds his man at the line, while ArDarius Stewart and Jermaine Kearse both provide solid blocks on the play side. Kelvin Beachum gets out in space and takes out the unblocked corner. My favorite part of this play is Jonotthan Harrison (still a part of the roster) making the sprint down the sideline to grade the road to the goal line for Powell. That 5.15 forty time on full display!


Season total sacks: 47


Brandon Shell - 7

Kelvin Beachum - 7

James Carpenter - 7

Coverage - 6

Brent Qvale - 4

Josh McCown - 4

Brian Winters - 4

Matt Forte - 4

Bryce Petty - 3

Eric Tomlinson - 3

Wesley Johnson - 3

Jonotthan Harrison - 2

Elijah McGuire - 1

Effective Blitz - 1

Robby Anderson - 1

Jermaine Kearse - 1

Austin Seferian-Jenkins - 1

Lawrence Thomas - 1


Coverage - 5

Josh McCown - 3

Wesley Johnson - 3

Kelvin Beachum - 3

Brandon Shell - 2

Brent Qvale - 2

Effective Blitz - 2

Dakota Dozier - 2

Matt Forte - 2

Ben Ijalana - 1

Jonotthan Harrison - 1

Brian Winters - 1


1v1 edge loss: 16.5

QB escaped into sack (forced by coverage/collapsed pocket): 9

1v1 interior loss: 8

Stunt: 4.5

DB blitz: 3

LB blitz: 3

RB loss: 1

Botched receiver play: 1

QB tripped: 1

That’ll do it on this year’s sacks! I’ll have a full article out tomorrow digging into the numbers a bit more. What are your thoughts on the sacks over the final two weeks? Did you enjoy the series? Let me know below!