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Jets Podcast: Post-Draft Wild Cards

NFL: New York Jets-Rookie Minicamp Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL offseason has plenty of twists and turns. Teams change slowly over the course of a few months. We have reached the end of the transaction period. Yes, there will still be some player movement, but it will come at a slow pace and be infrequent. The Jets roster you see today is largely if not entirely the one you will see take the field Week 1 in Detroit.

Earlier in the offseason, we discussed wild card type players a bit on the podcast. That came before the NFL Draft. Now that new players are part of the team, we are going to go back and reassess the biggest wild card players on the roster.

These wild cards will help shape the 2018 season for the Jets. These are players who could end up being very valuable or not valuable at all. We know Leonard Williams is probably going to produce quite a bit. We know Christian Hackenberg probably won’t. The players who will determine whether the season is a success or failure are the less known commodities who could go either way.

On today’s podcast we look at Henry Anderson, Jamal Adams, Terrelle Pryor, Teddy Bridgewater, and Sam Darnold.