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Jets Film Mashup: What can Chris Herndon bring to the Jets?

NCAA Football: Miami at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets added University of Miami (the U) tight end Chris Herndon in the fourth round of this weekend’s draft. Mike Maccagnan spoke glowingly of him, bluntly calling him “probably a little more athletic” than some of the tight ends currently on the roster.

“We thought [Herndon] had enough functional ability to be an effective blocker, so we kind of liked him in the sense that he’s sort of dual guy,” Maccagnan said. “He’s not a specialist in one or the other [receiving or blocking]. He’s probably a little more athletic than some of the tight ends we have, and probably a better pass receiver.”

Here are a few glimpses into what Herndon can bring to the table positively for the Jets.

Herndon got a lot of work out of the slot for Miami. They also liked to feature him on screen plays, which he proved he can do some work with:

His after-the-catch work is definitely one of the most notable and intriguing aspects of his game, likely the most, actually.

Below, you can get a look at some of his downfield work. Here Herndon comes out of the slot and adjusts his route nicely to find the ball right in the middle of the zone and take in for the score.

I think Herndon needs a lot of work as a blocker; both in the run and pass game. He’s capable, and has a lot of experience in different blocking roles, but his overall body of work in that area did not impress me.

This is a poor pass protection snap, coming from a two-back set. He over-pursues and never gets set, allowing the hit even though he did get enough contact to prevent the sack. Plays like this are likely what scouts are thinking of when they mention the word “raw” in Herndon’s scouting reports.

I am not a fan of the positioning or the motor displayed on this snap. Herndon is late to his assignment and just ends up in the way of his running back. Then, instead of at least trying to push the pile or finish his block anyway, he just wiggles away. The lack of aggression just stood out to me on this play.

This is a much better pass protection snap! Lined up on the edge here, more stuff like this is what will make coaches want you on the field.

What are your thoughts on the selection of Chris Herndon?


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