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NY Jets podcast: The virtues of trading down

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets announced late Friday afternoon that they retained a pair of backup offensive linemen, Dakota Dozier and Brent Qvale.

After a few brief thoughts on that, today’s podcast focuses on Draft strategy. One specific strategy is the focus, trading down. I firmly believe that teams should look to trade down.

This might seem like an odd topic for a show about the Jets considering the team recently made the biggest move of NFL Draft season when it traded up. I take no issue with that right now. There is a time and a place to trade up.

The focus today is more general. While teams should not be afraid to trade up when it makes sense, the teams that move down more frequently than they move up tend to win more games. There are reasons for that. In fact, trading down can even make it to find the right time to trade up.