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NY Jets podcast: Saving the 2016 Draft class

It takes three years at a bare minimum to fully evaluate an NFL Draft class, but preliminary evaluations begin the second the players hit the field as rookies. The Jets’ class of 2016 now has two seasons of NFL experience under its belt.

I think by any measure it would have to be considered a disappointing class so far. Despite a solid day two pick and an undrafted free agent homerun, this class has not provided the quality, the depth, or the impact needed to help accelerate the rebuild.

But time remains to turn things around. Again, two years is not enough time to give a class a final grade. The players the Jets selected can still improve. That is the focus of today’s podcast. What is the ceiling each player has? How much can they improve? Do the disappointing players have the ability to be quality starters, or is a depth piece the best the Jets can hope to get?