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NY Jets podcast: Catching up on recent moves

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The major impact portion of free agency has now been over for a while. The Jets made a number of moves in the first few days of the league year hoping to upgrade weak spots on their roster.

The team continues to make signings of veteran free agents. These signings are for small name players. The team is buying low on these guys. Some of them have talent. Some of them have upside. They all come with flaws, which is why they are available at a cheap rate.

On today’s podcast we look at some of the recent signings the Jets have made looking for diamonds in the rough. This episode is a true testament to the human spirit. If you thought it was impossible for somebody to drone on and one about minor free agent signings, today’s show will serve as an example for what a person who puts his mind to something can accomplish. Hopefully there is a coherent point or two somewhere in the show.