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VIDEO: One play with Jets QB Sam Darnold

Goodyear Cotton Bowl - USC v Ohio State Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Like many Jets fans, I am going over as much footage of Sam Darnold as I can find. He is the new franchise quarterback of the Jets so we are all looking for reasons to hope.

I wanted to share one play that left me impressed. I put together a short video breaking down the play. I think it shows how well and how quickly Darnold breaks down the game. For a guy as young as Darnold to think and execute at such a high level is impressive.

The play I am sharing took place late in the first half of USC’s game against Utah last fall. As you will see, Darnold does something on this play an older and more experienced quarterback could not.

Depending on how people like this video, it might be a one time deal, or sharing Darnold observations over video might become a regular staple around here.