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NY Jets podcast: Looking at days two and three of the 2018 NFL Draft

Tulane v Florida International Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

The 2018 NFL Draft is now complete for the Jets. After adding quarterback Sam Darnold on day one, the team added five additional rookies on days two and three and a veteran in a trade. On today’s podcast we take a look at what the Jets did.

I must admit off the bat that I am playing catch up a bit with most of the players the Jets picked after Darnold. Most of my focus this year was on the quarterbacks the Jets might pick. That left less time to review the later round picks. Over the last two days, I have done what I could to check out the prospects the Jets picked in rounds three through six and get feedback from some people I know.

While there are no guarantees any of these players will become impact NFL talent, I have heard and seen a lot of reasons for hope in this Jets Draft class. We discuss it on today’s show.