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Jets 2018 Undrafted Free Agent Tracker

New York Jets Introduce General Manager Mike Maccagnan and Head Coach Todd Bowles Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images

The 2018 NFL Draft might be over for the Jets, but the work is not over.

Once the final selection is made, the real chaos begins. Teams can start signing undrafted free agents. Players who are not drafted are allowed to sign with any NFL team. At a certain point in the late rounds, it actually becomes more desirable for a player to go undrafted and be able to choose the best situation for him rather than get a cheap late round contract and perhaps go to less desirable circumstances.

The action will not be limited to signings either. Low level prospects will receive and accept invitations to upcoming rookie minicamps the teams will conduct. These players will get tryouts at these camps and the chance to earn a contract.

To keep us up to date, the GGN Twitter widget is embedded below. It will provide live updates on the latest undrafted free agent news.

Austin Golson, OL, Auburn

Tre’ Williams, LB, Auburn

Dimitri Flowers, FB, Oklahoma

Dakoda Shepley, OL. University of British Columbia

Frankie Luvu, LB, Washington State

Darius James. OL, Auburn

Mych Thomas, DL, Texas Tech

Canon Rooker, K, Middle Tennessee State

Vic Enwere, RB, California

Reggie Hall, CB, Jacksonville State

Darrian Bass, DE, Missouri Western

Ryan Green, RB, Florida State

Nifae Lealao, DL, Vanderbilt

Lord Hyeamang, DL, Columbia