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VIDEO: Jets third round pick Nathan Shepherd performing in college games

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Here are a couple of videos I have come across of Jets third round pick Nathan Shepherd in college.

If a guy from a small school is going to succeed in the NFL, one would presume he needs to look like a man among boys against his college competition. I think it is fair to say there are points in these videos where Shepherd looked totally unblockable.

The first video is from a 2017 game Shepherd played against Central Missouri.

The second is a game from 2016 Shepherd played against Eastern New Mexico State University in 2016. There isn’t any sort of graphic to point him out before the ball is snapped in this video so keep an eye out for number 97 on the defense.

I’d be lying if I said I have seen much of this player so all I can do is learn as much as I can and keep an open mind.

What are your thoughts having watched these videos?