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Schefter: Growing belief Browns will make Baker Mayfield number one overall pick in 2018 NFL Draft

Oklahoma v Oklahoma State Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Adam Schefter suggests rumors about Baker Mayfield going number one overall to the Cleveland Browns are gaining momentum.

As always, it is impossible to judge the veracity of rumors on a day like this. Many of them will end up being wrong, but Schefter saying something is worth taking seriously.

Mayfield has been heavily linked with the Jets. There have been rumblings in the last day or so about a push for Josh Rosen within some quarters of the organization. A Greg Gabriel rumor might shed some light on things.

This one you may take with a grain of salt. I only found it notable because I have assumed Jeremy Bates wants to run a Mike Shanahan style of offense. That is his background.

Now Bates has not run an NFL offense in a long time. He has learned new tricks since, and the league has evolved in many ways. That said, Mayfield always felt like an awkward fit to me in a Shanahan style offense so this wouldn’t shock me if true.