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Rapoport: Jets cancelled meetings with top prospects who aren’t QBs

We all know it’s going to be a quarterback for the Jets in Round 1, but this pretty much confirms it.

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Jets Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Ian Rapoport says the Jets are so serious about taking a quarterback at the top of this week’s NFL Draft that they cancelled meetings with top prospects from other positions.

This is the time of year where there are plenty of smokescreens and false rumors, but Rapoport is as reliable of a reporter as exists in the NFL. If he is saying something, it has legs.

It is common sense that the Jets are taking a quarterback. Simply put, you don’t surrender three second round picks to move up three slots for anything else. The positional value just isn’t there.

As much as anything, this seems like a time management test. We all know the Jets are taking a quarterback third overall. This is a busy time of year for everybody in the front office. There isn’t reason to use resources on players the team has no intention of selecting in the Draft.