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Which players might the Jets try (but probably won’t be able) to trade during the NFL Draft?

New York Jets v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

A number of trades typically happen during the NFL Draft involving players for picks. Many teams look to add extra selections in exchange for players who no longer fit into their plan.

Let’s take a look at some players the Jets might look to deal next weekend.

Christian Hackenberg

Hackenberg is probably on borrowed time with the Jets. The Penn State product will likely finish his time in New York with the dubious distinction of being the rare second round pick who never sees the field for a regular season snap. After the Jets pick a quarterback third overall, the team will have five players at that position. There aren’t enough training camp practice reps to justify the presence of five signal callers. That will likely leave the Jets to cut their losses trying to get some team to part with a conditional late round pick for Hackenberg.

Bryce Petty

Petty is likely in the same boat as Hackenberg. The 2015 fourth round pick has been horribly ineffective in his seven starts over the last two seasons. He will turn 27 next month so there isn’t a ton of room for hope either. There is at least an outside chance the Jets might be able to get something for Petty. Ian Rapoport indicated a couple of teams had interest in making a deal for Petty last summer. The Jets probably would have been smart to cut their losses and take what they could get for Petty then. Will the interest evaporate after three brutal starts in 2017?

Devin Smith

Only on a team with Hackenberg could Smith not be a team’s least effective second round pick of the last three years. After a very uneven rookie year, Smith has barely been on the field over the last two seasons. It is difficult to see how he fits into the Jets’ future. The Ohio State product has to fight through a 16 player logjam at the position as he will fight for a roster spot. Perhaps some team out there had a high grade on Smith three years ago and is willing to part with a late round pick in the hope he can finally stay healthy.


In reality, none of these players has much value. All are likely cuts over the next few months. The Jets will do well to get anything in return for any of the three.