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Kony Ealy to visit Cowboys

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Jets

Free agent defensive lineman Kony Ealy has a visit with the Cowboys scheduled.

Ealy spent the 2017 regular season with the Jets. He was traded from the Panthers to the Patriots, but New England waived him in preseason. The Jets picked him up.

Kony only put up 14 tackles and 1 sack in a rotation role with the Jets, but he did his hands on passing attempts an unusual number of times. He ended 2017 with 9 passes defensed and 1 interception. This probably was an aberration as Ealy had only 5 passes defensed in the rest of his career combined. He also wasn’t consistent. All 9 of those defensed passes and the interception came before the Jets’ bye.

Like many players available, I don’t have terribly strong feelings either way about Ealy. The Jets could probably do worse for a rotational guy, but he wouldn’t be a franchise-changing loss if he left for greener pastures.