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Jets offseason program begins Monday

New York Jets vs New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Today is the first day of the Jets’ offseason program. Players will be reporting to the team facility in Florham Park, New Jersey to prepare themselves for the upcoming season.

The offseason program has five different parts. There are three phases along with a minicamp for rookies and tryout players shortly after the Draft and a mandatory minicamp.

Today is the start of phase one.

This is a limited phase.

  • Activities are mostly limited to either strength and conditioning or rehab.
  • Strength and conditioning coaches are the only coaches allowed on the field.
  • Players can’t wear helmets.
  • Footballs aren’t allowed. There are two exceptions. Quarterbacks are allowed to throw to receivers. Punters and kickers are allowed to use footballs to kick.

The first three phases of the offseason program are not mandatory.

So for all of the hype around the start of the offseason program, this first part is essentially a bunch of dudes lifting weights, playing catch, and kicking.

If somebody doesn’t show, people will make a big deal out of it. Does it really sound like a big deal if somebody skips this first phase, though? Todd Bowles when asked about a player’s absence will probably point out these workouts are voluntary.