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NY Jets podcast: Mike Maccagnan’s positional Draft strategies

Cleveland Browns v New York Jets Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Last week, a few of our podcasts focused on Drafting philosophies on display across the NFL. Today we look at what Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan does when he is on the clock. In three years, a few patterns have emerged. Maccagnan has also been willing to share them with the media at various points, which gives us a good idea of what he is looking for.

Three such strategies stand out. Maccagnan had put an emphasis on drafting players at a pair of important positions, quarterback and outside linebacker. He puts less of an emphasis on the offensive line with a stated view that good teams find and develop linemen in the middle and later rounds of the Draft.

While the execution of these strategies has left something to be desired over the last three years, one could argue these are valid team building strategies. On today’s show we examine them deeper.