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NY Jets podcast: Draft philosophies

NFL Hall of Fame Induction Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

We spent our last podcast discussing one Draft philosophy I believe in, trading down more than you trade up. On today’s show we discuss more Draft habits I have noticed from successful teams.

The most important part of drafting successfully is being able toe evaluate talent. Your strategy doesn’t matter if you can’t separate good players from bad players. But I have noticed that good teams frequently come into the Draft with a plan. As we will discuss, many of these plans revolve simply around a team understanding itself. The four topics on today’s show are focusing on quarterback, knowing the skillsets you need, knowing which positions are valuable, and knowing which positions you have the strongest player development team in place.

If you listen to the podcast, accept my apologies for the lack of a Tuesday show. I was feeling crummy so there was no show. If you don’t listen to the podcast, you probably didn’t notice.