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Unsurprising report: Jets unlikely to keep Christian Hackenberg in 2018

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at New York Jets Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

It probably will not surprise many people to hear it, but Jordan Schultz of Yahoo says the Jets are likely to move on from former second round pick Christian Hackenberg.

I know this probably seems obvious to many of you. With the Jets signing a pair of free agent quarterbacks this offseason and virtually assured of picking another one third overall, there wouldn’t seem to be room for Hackenberg. Still, the Jets did keep Hackenberg as a fourth quarterback in his rookie year.

It seems to be a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ both Petty and Hackenberg will go. Petty probably played his way off the roster with his brutal late season 2017 play in place of an injured Josh McCown.

Hackenberg probably did the same thing with his ugly 2017 preseason. The Jets gave him every chance to take the starting job. Instead, he played himself out of the number two job.

Part of me thinks the Jets might keep Hackenberg through training camp in case somebody got hurt. The team might be able to sneak him onto the practice squad if that happened.

Another part of me wonders what the point of that would be. The Jets have clearly and rightly decided Hackenberg has no future with the team. Why take away training camp reps and/or a practice squad spot from somebody else who probably has more upside?

Hackenberg is yet to play a regular season snap. It goes without saying Hackenberg will likely go down as a historically awful second round pick.

It also goes without saying that Hackenberg will be easy to forget if the Jets find a long-term solution at quarterback with the third pick.


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