GGN Thread About Nothing #190: Stand Up and Fight

Everybody is welcome, even patriots fans (this might just be me, not everyone here is as welcoming of you lot)!

It seems many metal fans are excited for the release of Judas Priest's new album, Firepower, this Friday. For some reason i can't fully explain, Thunderbolt, Saxon's new album that came out last month, seemed to have released comparatively unnoticed. I listened to the whole Thunderbolt album last night about three times and boy i still don't understand why these guys aren't more famous. Anyway, today's TAN tittle is from their 2013 album Sacrifice, another album that i listened to recently that makes me wonder why they aren't more known and why they don't play these new killer songs more often.

Once upon a time, long ago, like "Tebow was still a Bronco" long ago (2012 for all those who are getting old or weren't a fan yet), there used to be a ball parkmany threads like this one around SB Nation. Just like the thread that was the inspiration for this thread, The AFC South Eternal Thread at Battle Red Blog, there was a list of all the other sister threads across SBN. However, if i wanted to post an updated list of threads across SBN, it would look like this:

APC Open Threads at Acme Packing Company: Packer fans, very nice guys btw. I haven't commented there much, but they've been generally helpful when asked some questions regarding some guys.WENT THE ROUTE OF RODGERS' COLLAR BONE

NFC East Eternal Threads (bEAST) at Bleeding Green Nation: Well, i heard this is a colorful place, so be cautious if you are expecting pictures of cute little bunnies and stuff.WINNER AND CHAMPION!!!!!!!

Official Community Thread at Niners Nation: Well, they have a no cursing policy, so maybe this is your place if you like bunnies and stuff. I haven't been there much, so i don't know.DEAD.WITH THE STATE OF THE TEAM THE LAST COUPLE OF YEARS, YOU WOULD THINK THEY WOULD WANT TO TALK ABOUT OTHER THINGS

(NEW!) CSC Lagniappe Perpetually Open Thread (POT) at Canal Street Chronicles:Well, they have a no cursing policy too, but i think it's a little more colorful then niners nation. Got to love any thread named POT, so yeah, it can't be too bad.DEFUNCT. I MIGHT ALSO END ALL CONVERSATION IF I JUST SUFFERED A PLAYOFF LOSS LIKE THAT.

AFC South Eternal Thread at Battle Red Blog: I think was the first one, so you get fans from all teams, but mostly Colt, Texan and Patriot fans. The idea of this thread came form here, a lot of great guys here, besides pud, everyone else is great, just not pud.LIKE THE HOPES OF TEXANS FANS IN THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR THIS IS SO DEAD RIGHT NOW.

Jack-A-Thread (JAT) Off-Topic Activities (OTA) at Pats Pulpit: yeah, this is a pat fan thing. The guys there are nice as long as you check that "damn i hate you guys" attitude at the door. I agree it's a hard thing to do, so here are the others.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA........

However, despite the fact schmoozing doesn't seem to be cool on SBN anymore, we have another schmoozing option that was born after i made that list. They even claim they were partially inspired by this thread (they might have just been trying to be nice since i was visiting and they wanted new members but whatever)

Calikula's Imperial Weekly Thread at Mile High Report: A bunch of Bronco fans who were so friendly it made wonder if the "New Yorkers are unfriendly jerks" may be accurate, it felt wrong how nice they are. hey can even somehow argue about politics in a friendly manner! If you want to argue about politics and schmooze with people hat like green chili bagels thins is the place for you.

So yeah, I will see what i can do about this trend. Now on to that thing you love most, the thing you have all been waiting for, The List of Rules! (crickets):

1) No politics, no personal attacks, no excessive swearing, no porn, no graphic violence/ gore.

2) The mods have ultimate, mind boggling authority. If the moderators or editors say drop it, let it go. Please don't argue. It won't end well.

3) If there is a problem email us at and we'll try to work things out.

4) Never change or add rules to the list of rules. Never.

5) Schmoozing is encouraged, it is what this thread is for. I realized that originally this thread started with a message that explained this is free talk thread meant for easy lose conversation. Now this list starts off with a happy reminder that a select few (that i am no longer a part of) have mind boggling authority on us all. how lovely, we are going to make tons of friends.

6) Ignore Rule 4, i wrote it anyway, i didn't intend for it it to be serious.

7) Never erase Rule 4, it needs to stay there so it can be laughed at. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! STUPID RULE 4!!!! STUCK BEING A LEAD UP TO A PUNCH LINE FOR ETERNITY!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

8)Don't pick on Rule 4 too much, it has a family.

The origins of the name of this thread were somehow left of the thread long ago, but i have brought it back from the days Rex, Sanchez, LT, Brick, Braylon, Cotch and more...(darn i'm starting to tear up thinking about those days, maybe i should stop...)

The Thread About Nothing

Bro Namath: What is this thread about?
rexthejet: Absolutely nothing. What did you do today?
Bro Namath: I got up and came to work.
rexthejet: There's a thread. That's a thread.
dabu7: It's a thread about nothing.
Bro Namath: Well, why am I reading it?
rexthejet: Because it's on GGN.

John B Not yet.

CervezaVerde: These pretzels are making me thirsty.

and the HOLMES of the... JETS!!!
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