AGOP-And the rebuild begins in 3...2...1....

And we're back....

This is going to be long and very elaborative. Before we begin, few things of note:

1) This off-season mock is ACA compliant (sorry Cousins fans)

2) If you can't understand anything, please ask Smackdad. He can read anything because after all, he is a doctor.

3) Is DJ Fluker a free agent?

Ok, let's begin:

Starting Cap: 89,879,171 per OTC. This is from cutting Wilkerson, not picking up Ijalana's option, and Forte retiring.


Demario Davis: Our biggest re-sign, we bring Demario back on a 4 year deal. 4 years, 30 mil. 2018 Cap Hit: 7 mil.

Chandler Catanzaro-Why not start with the kicker? Chandler was solid for us this year and we extend him. 3 years, 9 mil. 2018 Cap hit: 3 mil

Mike Pennel: Pennel was a solid role player for us and we bring him back on a 2 year deal. 2 years, 3 mil. 2018 cap hit: 1.5 mil

Jonnothan Harrison: We bring him back for center depth at the vet min. 1 year, 790k. 2018 cap hit: 790k.

Julian Stanford: We bring him back for LB depth at the vet min. 1 year, 790k. 2018 cap hit: 790k.

Davis Bass: We bring him back for LB depth at the vet min. 1 year, 790k. 2018 cap hit: 790k.

Terrence Brooks: We bring him back for S depth at the vet min. 1 year, 790k. 2018 cap hit: 790k.

Dakota Dozier: We bring him back for o-line depth at the vet min. 1 year, 790k. 2018 cap hit: 790k.

RFA Tenders:

Quincy Enunwa: We tender Q at a 2nd round level. 2018 cap hit: 2.914 mil

Eric Tomlinson: We give him the ERFA Tender: 2018 cap hit: 630k

Doug Middleton: We give him the ERFA Tender: 2018 cap hit: 630k

Xavier Cooper: We give him an original round tender: 2018 cap hit: 1.907 mil

Brent Qvale: We give him an original round tender: 2018 cap hit: 1.907 mil

Estimated Cap Space Going into FA: $73,661,955

Free Agent Signings:


Teddy Bridgewater, QB: While Mac seems to fall in love with vets like Fitz and McCown, hopefully he learned his lesson and takes a chance on a younger QB. Teddy can be the perfect stop gap for us assuming he's healthy. We can always look to bring McCown in as a coach if he doesn't get picked up. 2 years, 25 million. 12.5 million cap hit for 2018.

Allen Robinson, WR: Perhaps my one "reach" FA, i'm hoping and praying we get Allen here to be our #1 receiver. 4 years, 52 mil. 13 mil cap hit for 2018.

Trey Burton, TE: Upgrading at TE will be important. Trey has been buried on a depth chart in Philly and will get a nice pay boost this off-season. 3 years, 17 mil. 5 mil cap hit for 2018.

Weston Richburg, C: Upgrading at center will be a priority this off-season. We'll bring in Richburg. 4 years, 32 mil. 8.5 mil cap hit for 2018.

Justin Pugh, G: Could we get two Giants o-lineman? Rumor has it that Gettleman wants Norwell at all costs and given the cap situation of the Giants and the re-signing of Greco, maybe they let Pugh walk as well. Pugh is a very solid interior guard that allow us to move on from Carp. 4 years, 42 mil. 11 mil cap hit for 2018.


Trent Murphy, Edge: Coming off a torn ACL, Trent could be looking to recoup some value on a one year deal and hit FA again next year. The Jets get an upgrade at edge that they've desperately needed. 1 year, 5 mil. 5 mil cap hit for 2018.

Aaron Colvin, Slot CB: Adding one of the best slot corners in the league could be huge to rebuilding our secondary. 4 year, 36 mil. 10 mil cap hit for 2018.

EJ Gaines, CB: EJ played at an elite level this year and at 26, is the young, #1 corner this team has been searching for. He'll also reunite with Dennard Wilson. 4 years, 44 mil. 12 mil cap hit for 2018.

Additional Cuts:

Buster Skrine: After adding the Honey Badger, Skrine is expendable.

James Carpenter: He's gone after adding Pugh.

Trades: After adding Allen Robinson, we decide to trade Jermaine Kearse. People may not love this idea with Robby potentially getting suspended, but the hope is that Stewart or Hansen can fill the void for the few weeks. Besides, paying 5+ mil for a #4 WR is unnecessary. People might think i'm nuts given the trade value and because Kearse is only 28, but we need to let the sophomores get reps. Traded to the Bears for their 2018 6th round pick.

Cap Entering the Draft: $15,649,886

NFL Draft:

Before I get into our 1st rounder, here's what happens in FA with the Browns and Broncos. It's important to note because of the draft:

Browns add AJ McCarron

Broncos add Case Keenum

Now let's go through how the draft pans out, picks 1-6

1) Browns select Saquon Barkley. The Browns could go QB, but with limited talent differential in a lot of minds in the QB class, they take Saquon knowing that they'll be guaranteed a top 3 QB at 4.

2) Giants select Sam Darnold. Gettleman has been expressing confidence in Eli, but being realistic, the Giants need to find their future QB and soon. Davis Webb likely isn't it and the Giants likely won't have a golden opportunity like this again.

3) The Colts trade out of the 3 spot with Miami. Indy gets Jarvis Landy, Miami's 1st, and Miami's 4th rounder.

Dolphins select Josh Allen. The Phins need to find their future QB as the org doesn't see Tannehill as being it. Allen gives them an upside QB to compete with Tannehill in camp.

4) Browns select Baker Mayfield. John Dorsey watched Baker play numerous times last year. He'll be able to come in and compete with AJ. We know how Dorsey feels about Rosen.

5) Broncos select Quenton Nelson. Some might say "why not go QB even after adding Keenum?". I can see Elway going for Rosen here, but I can also see him waiting and drafting a guy like Rudolph in the 2nd. Given that the Broncos have a bottom 5 o-line in the league and no cap space to add help in FA, I can see them adding Nelson and targeting a different QB in the 2nd or 3rd rounds.

6) Jets select Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA. We get our franchise QB (hopefully, finally). Rosen will come in and compete with Teddy B. to be the starter. It's a win-win for the Jets. If Rosen sits, Teddy can hopefully play well, giving us a trade chip next off-season. If Rosen plays well, he starts and we have a high end backup.

Round 2:

37) Jets select Kolton Miller, Tackle, UCLA. It may sound crazy to rebuild an o-line in one year, but given our cap, it's seemingly possible. Kolton has LT upside, but comes in and plays RT this year. He'll compete with Shell who will ultimately become our swing tackle. This allows us to move on from Beachum next year if comfortable.

49) Jets select Rashaad Penny, RB, San Diego State. We get the #1 RB and difference maker this team has needed at RB in quite some time. Our offense looks majorly upgraded from 2017.

Round 3:

72) Jets select Anthony Averett, CB, Bama- We continue our secondary upgrades and add Averett who could start day 1 opposite Gaines.

Round 4:


Shaq Griffin, LB/S, UCF: Label this one under "why not?". We all know Griffin's story. With his build and athleticism, it makes you wonder if Bowles can turn him into a Deone Buchanan type. At the very least, he can push Lee for reps and become a very good special teamer.

Round 5:

157) Quadree Henderson, WR/Return Specialist, Pitt-Known as Mr. Jet Sweep, Quadree is a gadget player who happens to be an excellent return man.

Round 6:

179) Greg Gilmore, NT, LSU. Greg is a potential future replacement for McClendon. He can play end or NT in a 3-4, similar to Pennel. He gives us more depth on the d-line.

181 via Chi) Nick Bawden, FB, San Diego State: Let's add a fullback into the mix and Penny's lead blocker at SD State.

Round 7:

235) Bilal Nichols, DE, Delaware-Another d-line depth piece, we become the only team in the league with two Bilal's.

Projected 53 Man Roster


QB-Teddy B., Rosen, Hack

RB-Penny, Powell, McGuire


WR 1-AR15, Hansen

WR 2-Anderson, Henderson

Slot- Enunwa, Stewart

TE- Burton, Leggett, Tomlinson

LT- Beachum

LG-Pugh, Qvale

C-Richburg, Harrison

RG-Winter, Dozier

RT- Miller, Shell


DE-Williams, Nichols

NT-McClendon, Gilmore

DT-Cooper, Pennell

SAM-Jenkins, Martin, Bass

ILB-Davis, Stanford

ILB-Lee, Griffin

EDGE-Murphy, Mauldin

CB1- Gaines, Roberts, Clark

CB2- Averett, Robinson


FS- Maye, Brooks

SS- Adams, Middleton

Special Teams





Projected 2019 Cap Space per OTC: 63,334,583 BEFORE the 2018 draft class. Including the 2018 draft class, we're likely finishing around 56 mil projected 2019 cap space.

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