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NY Jets podcast: Caution needed

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has set the salary cap for the 2018 league year. Teams had been able to estimate approximately how much cap space they would enter free agency with, but now they know for sure.

The Jets knew their room would be vast. It is around $90 million. The lessons of offseasons past have taught us that having cap space doesn’t guarantee anything. The money has to be spent smartly. In some ways even having that much room under the cap can be a negative if it is a sign the team lacks talent. It is one thing to have a good team and cap flexibility. It is another to be swimming in cap space because no players on the roster are worth long-term contracts.

On today’s podcast we take a look at the Jets’ current cap situation and why the Jets need to enter free agency with some degree of caution. Mike Maccagnan should have learned a lesson three years ago about understanding the risks that come with big spending. Whether he has is something we will figure out over the weeks ahead. Building this roster into a legitimate contender is likely a multi-year process. This year’s free agency is simply a first step.