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NY Jets podcast: Reliable wide receivers are important for a young QB

Divisional Playoffs - New York Jets v New England Patriots Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Over the weekend I started thinking a bit about recent Jets history and their failure at one specific position. You could be forgiven for wondering which position since there are so many where the Jets have failed in recent years.

My thoughts were about the wide receiver spot. This isn’t just a position where the Jets have failed to consistently field quality players. That failure has negatively impacted young quarterbacks on the roster.

I’ll give you a second to stop nodding in agreement and come back to the post.

The failure has occurred on a few levels. The first is obvious. There are too many instances in recent team history where the Jets have put bad players on the field. The pitfalls and lessons there are obvious.

That isn’t my focus today, however. On today’s podcast we pay attention to a different area. There was a point in recent Jets history where the team put talented guys on the field, but they weren’t reliable enough to stick around long-term. The lessons there could teach the team as it makes decisions on some of the young receivers on the roster.