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Wonderlic scores of 2018 NFL Draft QBs

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The Wonderlic is a 50 question, 12 minute test used for many purposes, such as for companies to screen employees. It incorporates elements of mathematics, logic, and other skills. Many NFL Draft prospects take the test at the Combine. The results are not supposed to be released to the public, but why should the NFL care about keeping its word? The results always get leaked.

Some people put a lot of stock into the score a quarterback gets.

I am still trying to grasp what relevance a test like this could possibly have. You can go overboard stressing the importance of physical tests at the Combine like the 40 yard dash, the 3 cone drill, and various jumps. They have their place within the evaluation process, though. Those physical tests help to display a player’s raw athletic ability. Sometimes our eyes lie when we watch the film, and we overrate a player’s speed or athletic prowess.

What the Wonderlic has to do with playing quarterback is beyond me. Reading a defense and performing well on a written test are two unrelated skills. That is probably why Harvard man Ryan Fitzpatrick scored an incredible 48 of 50 when he took the Wonderlic as a prospect yet is dumb as an ox scanning a defense on an NFL field after the ball is snapped.

Prospects are trained to play football but not always trained to perform well on standardized tests. And tests like this have their own biases.

Unlike raw athletic ability, you can pretty definitive judge a quarterback’s football smarts on the film by examining how well he reads a defense.

With all of that said, some people care about the Wonderlic for whatever reason. So here are the leaked scores of 2018 quarterback prospects.

A perfect score is 50. People who believe in the Wonderlic typically think a QB should score somewhere in the 24-26 range as minimum.