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NY Jets podcast: A new approach to free agency

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Jets Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

On today’s podcast we take a look at the approach the Jets had in free agency in 2018. There still might be a move here or there. It might even be a major move. We are deep enough into the process to draw some conclusions about how the Jets approached free agency.

Naturally comparisons will be drawn with the last time the Jets were flush with cap space. That was three years ago in Mike Maccagnan’s first offseason. The Jets spent big that year. It helped them win 10 games, but many of their additions turned sour in year two.

A number of observers have pointed out that the Jets seemingly have targeted younger players this time around than they did in 2015. That is a valid point, but I see other big philosophical differences. Talking about those difference is the focus of our show today. Thanks as always for listening.