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Thomas Rawls to visit Jets

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Former Seahawks running back Thomas Rawls has a free agent visit with the Jets.

Costello’s tweet was from Wednesday evening, meaning the visit is happening today.

Rawls had a solid rookie season for Seattle in 2015, registering 830 yards on a 5.6 average per carry. The last two seasons have not been as kind. He posted only 349 rushing yards in 2016 with a poor 3.2 average and 157 yards on a horrendous 2.7 average. It might be tempting to blame the drop in production on the poor quality of Seattle’s offensive line the last two seasons, but as a team Seattle has averaged around 4 yards per carry in that timeframe, well above what Rawls has done.

There isn’t any harm in bringing Rawls in to compete for a spot in training camp. If signed, I imagine that’s what he will do. There seems to be some speculation that Rawls signing would mean the end of Bilal Powell, but that would surprise me. Rawls certainly doesn’t have the type of track record that should make any team comfortable with shipping out a dependable running back.