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Jets mailbag: Can the Jets do anything else to fix the offensive line?

New York Jets v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

It is Thursday, which means it is podcast mailbag day. Thanks again to everybody who submitted question. I got to as many as I could, but I could not get to all of them. Feel free to submit your question for next week’s podcast if yours was not answered in this week’s version of the mailbag.

On today’s show we look at whether there is anything the Jets can do to improve their offensive line at this point, whether the team has enough pieces on offense to support a rookie quarterback, the identity of the quarterback coach, whether trading back in the middle rounds of the Draft makes sense, how the league’s salary floor works, whether the quarterback the Jets select will start Week 1 of his rookie year, and whether the Giants may pick a player who isn’t a quarterback.

Thanks as always to everybody who listens to and supports the podcast.