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NY Jets podcast: Wild cards 5-1

Cincinnati Bengals v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Every NFL team has players with question marks. Question marks can exist for numerous reasons. Perhaps a player is recovering from a serious injury. Perhaps the team is counting on the player to break out. Perhaps the player is new to the team or just looking to rebound from a down year.

These players do a lot to shape the course of their team’s season. When these players have success, their team tends to succeed. When they fail to reach expectations, so does the team.

Yesterday on our podcast we looked at five wild cards for the Jets in 2018. That show started our top ten countdown looking at 10 through 6. Today we finish the countdown looking at the top five wild cards for the 2018 Jets as things currently stand. As always, things could change. We still have the Draft ahead of us, and there still could be a surprise transaction or two. This is simply where things stand now.