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NY Jets podcast: Roster wild cards 10-6

New England Patriots v New York Jets Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Jets have done their best to remake their roster and improve on back to back 5-11 records. There will be tweaks between now and training camp. There might even be a big signing or two. There might be a trade. There certainly will be at least one franchise-altering pick in the upcoming Draft.

With that said, we now know what most of the roster will look like. There are a number of players who have to be considered wild cards at this point. They could really help the Jets. They also might disappoint for varying reasons. The success or failure of these players will help to shape the 2018 Jets.

On today’s podcast, we look at five such players. I put together a list of the top ten Jets wild cards. Today we will look at numbers ten through six. The top five will be unveiled on a later show.