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Jets free agency news and rumor tracker with live updates 3/26

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots
Footage of Suh clearly bummed that he blew his chance to become a Jet.
Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Each year we do this daily free agent thread until things start to slow down. The 2018 period has been very active for the Jets, and we have gotten two weeks out of the thread. It might be time to reconsider as free agency likely will grind to a halt for the Jets soon. Maybe we will convert this into a daily Draft discussion thread. If you have any thoughts or preferences, feel free to share them.

For today at least, we will have a free agency discussion thread. This weekend there was a lot of speculation about Ndamukong Suh joining the Jets after a report Friday they had made the star defensive lineman his biggest offer. Sunday we found out the Jets had pulled their offer to Suh because said offer apparently came with a deadline to accept.

The GGN Twitter widget would get an even bigger offer than Suh if it became a free agent. It is embedded below to provide updates through the day.