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Scouting The 2018 NFL Draft: 7 Round Jets Mock Part 3

A lot has happened since our last mock draft. Drew (@DrewFromJersey) and I (@ZazzyJets) are excited to mock our first QB. Enjoy

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Round 1

Josh Rosen - QB - 6’4” - 218 lbs - Junior

  • Mock Part 1: Harold Landry - Edge - 6’3” - 250 lbs - Senior - Boston College
  • Mock Part 2: Josh Jackson - CB - 6’1” - 220 lbs - Junior - Iowa

Plan A has come and gone. Luckily for us, Macc was planning for plan B before he knew for sure Plan A wasn’t in reach. Here we are today with the 3rd pick and a great chance in getting our top QB choice. Our favorite QB is Mayfield, but we believe the love for Rosen runs deep in the veins of this front office. With Rosen, we get the most pro ready QB in the draft. With that said, every QB has their blemishes this year. Rosen’s bruises are actual bruises. He will need to stay healthy if he wants to have a long successful career. 2 out of the 3 years we have to work with have been marred by injuries. If he does shake that injury bug, he can be that leader we have wanted and pined after for so many years.

Round 3

Rashaad Penny - RB - 5’11” - 220 lbs - Senior - San Diego State

  • Mock Part 1: Kameron Kelly - CB/S - 6’2” - 200 lbs - Senior - San Diego State
  • Mock Part 2: Duke Ejiofor - Edge - 6’3” - 275 lbs - Senior - Wake Forest

It pains us to mock Penny in the 3rd round. As a pure runner, he is arguably the best RB in the draft. He is a bigger HR threat than Barkley, one of the best return men and a dangerous receiver once the ball is in his hands. Penny is such a smooth runner. His speed in and out of cuts helped make the most elusive RB in this year’s class. So why is he here in the 3rd round. I personally don’t mind that he isn’t where he needs to be as a blocker. He can get better at that just like Powell did. He has the size it is all about technique. For some GMs, this might push him into the 3rd round. If he is still there, Macc shouldn’t hesitate when taking this dangerous weapon.

Round 4

Duke Ejiofor - Edge - 6’3” - 275 lbs - Senior - Wake Forest

  • Mock Part 1: Michah Kiser - LB - 6’2” - 240 lbs - Senior - Virginia
  • Mock Part 2: Kyle Lauletta - QB - 6’4” - 215 lbs - Senior - Richmond

Macc has done a decent job of building our secondary up to where they can hold their own against any offense. The only problem is, we still don’t have a pass rush. We can have the best secondary in the league, but they can’t block forever. With this pick we grabbed one of the last edge rushers worth getting. Ejiofor has grown as a pass rusher every year. He won’t jump out at you as superior athletic specimen like others, but he does everything well. His spin move is very good, and you can tell when watching him that he has a well thought-out plan before every snap. He can compete day 1 for a starting edge spot.

Round 5

Jordan Akins - TE - 6’4” - 250 lbs - Senior - UCF

  • Mock Part 1: Cody O’Connell - G - 6’9” - 368 lbs - Senior - Washington State
  • Mock Part 2: Justin Jones - DT/DE 6’2” -300 lbs - Senior - North Carolina State

With ASJ signing with the Jaguars, we are now left with a big void at the TE position. Luckily for us this draft is very deep at TE. Akins is a very athletic TE who knows how to use his speed and size to be a great mismatch. Jordan is a willing blocker, but will need work on holding his blocks longer. In the end, we want to give our new QB the best weapons we can get. Akins can stretch the field as good or better than any TE in the class.

Round 6

Greg Stroman - CB - 6’0” - 180 lbs - Senior - Virgina Tech

  • Mock Part 1: Kyle Lauletta - QB - 6’4” - 215 lbs - Senior - Richmond
  • Mock Part 1: Cole Madison - OG/OT 6’5” - 307 lbs - Senior - Washington State

Our secondary is strong, young and expensive. It would be great to get some cheaper depth to build the CB stable up for when it is time to dump the expensive contracts. Stroman is our favorite sleeper corner. He is a bit thin, but he has the speed, size and mirroring skills to be a very good man corner.

Round 7

Cody O’Connell - G - 6’9” - 368 lbs - Senior - Washington State

  • Mock Part 1: Jake Wieneke - WR - 6’4” - 215 lbs - Senior - South Dakota State
  • Mock Part 2: Jake Wieneke - WR - 6’4” - 215 lbs - Senior - South Dakota State

Our starting O-line is ok for this year, but will need a complete rebuild next year for sustainable strength going forward. Shell is probably the only player I see being on the team in 2 years. We can start now building some depth. O’Connell is a mountain of a man, and was unmovable in a pass happy offense. In 759 pass blocking snaps, he only gave up 11 pressures. That is a pretty crazy low number. If anything, Cody can be a better option that Dozier.

Possible Depth Chart

*Indicates Free Agent Signing

** Indicates A Drafted Player

*** Undrafted Free Agent