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EJ Gaines signs with Browns; Allen Hurns signs with Cowboys

Cincinnati Bengals v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Closing the loop with some Jets free agent targets, cornerback EJ Gaines and wide receiver Allen Hurns are no longer on the market.

Gaines agreed to terms with the Browns.

Gaines visited the Jets earlier in the week. He presumably would have taken Buster Skrine’s role and roster spot so Skrine’s status seems less tenuous, at least for the time being.

Hurns, meanwhile, signed with the Dallas Cowboys.

Hurns had to postpone his free agent visit to the Jets earlier this week due to a snowstorm. He instead visited the Cowboys first. This led to fears the Jets would lose out on him without even having a chance to sell their team. Such fears proved to be unfounded as Hurns did eventually visit the team. Still, Dallas got him in the end.

Reports indicated the Jets were still interested in Hurns even after last night’s signing of Terrelle Pryor. One cannot help but wonder whether their desire for Hurns might have lessened with Pryor in the mix, though.