If Darnold and Rosen Go 1 & 2, You Make the Call at 3

Lets imagine, and its not hard to imagine, the Browns and Giants go Darnold and Rosen with the first two picks. Perhaps not in that order, or maybe so, but those are the first two players off the board.

Who would you take at #3 and why?

For the record, I would take Baker Mayfield, though its scary to pass on Allen with his size, elusiveness and cannon for an arm.

But there's just something about Mayfield that screams ELITE QB too me, a winner who plays like his life depends on it, and his accuracy as a downfield passer is incredible.

So it scares me to pass on Allen and I won't be upset if we take him, but life on the line, I would take Mayfield.

How bout you? (Please Vote)

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