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Demario Davis Leaves Jets for Saints; Julian Stanford to Bills; Chandler Catanzaro to Buccaneers

NFL: New York Jets at New England Patriots Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

In the midst of their spending spree, some Jets departed for greener pastures.

In an unsurprising development, linebacker Demario Davis found a new team. He is heading to New Orleans to join the Saints.

The Jets had already signed Davis’ replacement, Avery Williamson, so this was expected. Davis seemed to turn a mediocre career around with a stellar 2017. He always seemed like a class guy so we wish him well in his new home.

For reference, the Jets got a player in Williamson who is three years younger and profiles similarly for a slightly cheaper deal.

The Jets had another loss at the linebacker position as Julian Stanford agreed to terms with the Buffalo Bills.

Stanford was a depth linebacker who didn’t do much memorable with the Jets so this is minor news.

The Jets are also in the market for a new kicker as Chandler Catanzaro signed with Tampa Bay.

Catanzaro did a solid job in his single season with the Jets, but they were right to not match the contract. Simply put, this is a ludicrous contract for a decent kicker. You can always find adequate kickers for cheap. Teams find them in season. Congrats to Catanzaro on cashing in, and congrats to the Jets for not being so foolish. I don’t care how much cap space you have. You shouldn’t waste any.