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Teddy Bridgewater to sign one year contract with Jets

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports quarterback Teddy Bridgewater will sign a one year contract with the Jets.

This will give the Jets a second veteran quarterback and fourth on the roster after the re-signing of Josh McCown. The team also could be in the mix to draft a quarterback. With this in mind, the signing of Bridgewater seems ominous for Bryce Petty and perhaps for Christian Hackenberg as well.

As far as Bridgewater goes, we will have to see about the structure of the deal. One would imagine some of the money is contingent based on playing time and health as he has missed close to two straight seasons after suffering a catastrophic knee injury in 2016.

I think Bridgewater is a cut above the type of quarterback you can typically sign in free agency. He doesn’t just have a first round pedigree. Most of his on field performance has been successful. Of course there are questions about how well he will recover from his knee injury and the impact missing two years will have on his development.

That said, this is a player with the type of upside that usually isn’t available. I’m not sure I understand the logic of also signing McCown for $10 million. In a perfect world, the Jets would have been able to get an option year or two in this deal. Still, I am happy to have Bridgewater aboard.