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NY Jets podcast: A busy Wednesday

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday was full of action for the Jets.

The team cleared around $14 million in salary cap space following a pair of newsworthy events. The Jets released Muhammad Wilkerson, clearing around $11 million. Matt Forte retired, which opened up around $3 million in space.

There are no surprises. The departures of Wilkerson and Forte were widely expected. The only questions were the timing and whether Forte would retire before he was released.

On today’s podcast, we take a look at the moves as well as the legacy these players leave behind with the Jets and the game. In both instances, things are complicated. Wilkerson’s Jets career can be divided into two acts, and the bitter ending might obscure how good the first act was. In Forte’s case, he doesn’t leave behind much of a Jets legacy. He did, however, leave quite a mark on the NFL in a successful career. We discuss both on the show.